Got haled on, rained on.. last few days have not been good. Still managed to stay dry enough and not become a super conductor with the FES. Still waiting for a dry, sunny and non windy day.

I thought it would be cold today with the high wind but 1/3 more effort. So got proper hot cycling.. Taking the Berkelbike down the shop ER... Lets see what they say.

Podcast is roughly compiled, lot harder than I thought. Haven't got an ETA but its a long one for a first try.

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Neuroscientists can read brain activity to predict decisions 11 seconds before people act - Quartz via @nuzzel

Results messed up in windy weather. Aerodynamics clearly play a huge role when it comes to headwind. Need a sunny day, no wind.. Anyway got a load of track times that don't mean much because of the fluctuations. 7 x 1200m sessions so far.

When you lose an important email that took an hour to write. 😩 👍 Divine intervention?

Protocol ready for FES prog testing, alternate method will be in action the next sunny day. Will take 3 - 4 hours to complete.

BerkelBike 1200m confirmed, additional testing needed. ETA 1st March for FES program results.

3rd try on the Spinal Tech podcast production, had a load of setbacks but now its on course and in the editing suite. I'm happy to have made some progress.. The more I do it the faster I can publish new content.. in one take ideally. I've got several hours of out takes, which are quite funny.

Still on the Curcumin. Too early to tell the benefits and I'm on so many supplements also. Decent fish oil with the right DHA balance.. Krill oil better absorption probably.. expensive though.

I think I'll have to go and test all these parameters now. It was snowing the other day and I just couldn't tell. Thing is the box only fits 4 programs with no display and I keep forgetting which is which. Guess it doesn't matter.. its the speed and endurance that counts. A day with no wind and sun is now what I need.

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Alright I'm done with setting parameters. The whitepaper is done, it 'probably' works but likely, I am the only one who can understand it at the mo.

@mastohost Hey how do I find a list of relays? Or can you add 'relay' to any mastodon domain? Because I can't search anything other than those I've followed. There's one by default

2 hours research, 3 hours messing with FES parameters. Folder A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.. Getting through the alphabet. No improvement on H, confirmed normal cycling dynamics does not translate well to the Berkelbike.. they're not remotely similar FFS! Ever more knowledge though.

Oh I should say I've come up with a rubber/drawing pin combo that's affixed to the control unit with elastic bands. Now I can turn up stim with my nose... It's ok but if anyone has a better idea for a peripheral switch hit me up.

Back outside, did a bit of maintenance and noticed the wheel was basically one thread before coming off the Berkel. So saved myself a new year crash there..

Started my own little test to see what kind of benefits there are from taking Curcumin and whether there are healing properties for the Spinal Cord. About 3 days in..

Train hard today, get smashed tomorrow. Think that will level it out, be glad for 2018 to be over. Got a lot to do in 2019, but the hardship will pay off.. in this life or the next. New years res - Make the crazy ideas work! #2019

Me with a wet towel, the track like a hot plate. All the photos were going wrong, I couldn't keep my eyes open they were so dry. But I got there in the end and here I am now. Now it's the road to Cybathlon 2020! This will blow your mind.

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