House is like a D.I.Y workshop. Moving forward with Berkelbike dev.. Never knew things like aluminum tape existed. Gorilla glue is actually terrible for smooth surfaces. πŸ’‘

Love the design work you are doing. If you ever want to lend a hand with anything at all with my Berkelbike adaptations, always happy to shout out on my youtube channel.

For example I made some nose controls out of some ps4 joysticks and sugru. It does the job but it slips around and is painful to use.

That's just the beginning.. if interested send me a DM. I haven't shared any of my current and future mods because they are secret until I make considerable progress.


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Just about managed to get both sides designed and printed in one evening (had to stay up late, though)! Better hope it fits tomorrow, because I don't have much time for a redesign!

#3Dprinting #design

The seat ATM is driving me nuts, I fix one problem and another one pops up. Messes up the ride and knackers me out.

Didn't have much luck with Peertube, uploads just 'disappear' and screen refreshes so I'm a bit confused. Anyone else had any success using it? Or found any decent hosts?

Never thought I'd be drinking Algae. 😝

BionicBeer boosted publishes timeline after security breach:

– the attacker exploited vulnerabilities in Jenkins
– the attacker had full database access, including access to unencrypted content like private messages, passwords hashes, access tokens
– recommends changing your password (including NickServ password)

#matrix #breach #infosec #cybersecurity #security

Rode 8 mile yesterday testing the 1st gen model for the seat. Works very nicely and right now cutting a template to finish the 1st prototype. In other news I've got new footage showing off the pedals designed by Bio-engineering students from Imperial College London. A new Youtube channel too since I managed to resolve the Vimeo distribution bug. I don't like Youtube because I'm afraid they might censor my stuff.. but if noone sees it, is there much point sharing?

After many attempts I have finally managed to finish the first podcast on my Spinal Experience.

Finding the right cycling position is so difficult. 1 little change messes up everything, including the stimulation pattern. Its going to be a battle to adjust everything in time for Tour De Vale. Seat position makes a huge difference.

I have been busy at events.. getting especially ready for my podcast release at the end of the week. At the Neuro Convention today in the UK I quickly discovered the power of the mind, EEG and electrical stimulation combined first hand. But also the disconnected industry and how Russia has lots of things we don't hear about.

Got haled on, rained on.. last few days have not been good. Still managed to stay dry enough and not become a super conductor with the FES. Still waiting for a dry, sunny and non windy day.

I thought it would be cold today with the high wind but 1/3 more effort. So got proper hot cycling.. Taking the Berkelbike down the shop ER... Lets see what they say.

Podcast is roughly compiled, lot harder than I thought. Haven't got an ETA but its a long one for a first try.

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Neuroscientists can read brain activity to predict decisions 11 seconds before people act - Quartz via @nuzzel

Results messed up in windy weather. Aerodynamics clearly play a huge role when it comes to headwind. Need a sunny day, no wind.. Anyway got a load of track times that don't mean much because of the fluctuations. 7 x 1200m sessions so far.

When you lose an important email that took an hour to write. 😩 πŸ‘ Divine intervention?

Protocol ready for FES prog testing, alternate method will be in action the next sunny day. Will take 3 - 4 hours to complete.

BerkelBike 1200m confirmed, additional testing needed. ETA 1st March for FES program results.

3rd try on the Spinal Tech podcast production, had a load of setbacks but now its on course and in the editing suite. I'm happy to have made some progress.. The more I do it the faster I can publish new content.. in one take ideally. I've got several hours of out takes, which are quite funny.

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