@mastohost Hey how do I find a list of relays? Or can you add 'relay' to any mastodon domain? Because I can't search anything other than those I've followed. There's one by default

@neo hello

That relay has been offline for a long time so that will not work.

I don’t know of any lists of relays but can have a look on I know there are some threads around that topic that list some relays.

Sorry for not being of much help

@neo yep, there aren’t many. Relays are hard and expensive to run. Plus can be language specific or topic specific and are not made publicly available.

@mastohost How do I search across mastodon? Or find people. I think relays is bad idea, just I'm having trouble finding people to follow. Unless I manually copy their username from another instance which does my head in.

@neo Hello, I don't think you have much better alternatives, although you don't need to copy the usernames, you just need to go to the profile page and press the follow button.

An idea to find people to follow is to see the following / followers of people that have similar interest than yours.

Another place you can look for people by interest and even sign up to be listed is

That's all I can think of but you can ask for more ideas at:

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