Yeah this weather is too hot, I think it will be hottest summer we've ever experienced. Struggling to train in it so a powerful cooling solution is required.

@BalooUriza Hey thanks for that! I have one that was supposed to be frozen and a load of steps before use, not really happy with it because of that. I wouldn't get one with antifreeze in though, too risky. So yeah I'll have to make a decision.

@neo You also don't want something that gets too cold, fursuiters improvizing with, say, Blue Ice have gotten frostbite from it. You want something that stays cold for a long time but not dangerously cold, and has a high thaw temperature.

@BalooUriza I wish I read this earlier, literally got ice burn from a blue ice pack! Should check in more often. I'm thinking either water activated.. or salt but kinda strapped for cash. Something lightweight... Inuteq seem good but I want the best vest there is.

@neo I think the guys who started EZ Cooldown basically are folks who started with Inuteq but improved on that design, if I remember the history right.

@BalooUriza Makes sense, alright well wish me luck! Thanks again.

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