Bionicbeer is back, cracked foot seems healed for outside. Staying on low gears just in case still and avoiding sharp braking. Tolerance wise it seems that the nerves respond better to lower stim after some time out. But there is difficulty to know.. maybe the muscles are fresh, who knows.

The third time I broke the bike was going fast round a corner and was stranded.. It rained hard and then there was a hail storm while waiting for a pickup. On the plus side can do something different while it gets fixed. 👍

@BalooUriza Makes sense, alright well wish me luck! Thanks again.

Twitter algorithm so negative, click-bait orientated and politically manipulating. At least Masto is kinda productive and more relaxed.

@BalooUriza I wish I read this earlier, literally got ice burn from a blue ice pack! Should check in more often. I'm thinking either water activated.. or salt but kinda strapped for cash. Something lightweight... Inuteq seem good but I want the best vest there is.

@BalooUriza Hey thanks for that! I have one that was supposed to be frozen and a load of steps before use, not really happy with it because of that. I wouldn't get one with antifreeze in though, too risky. So yeah I'll have to make a decision.

Yeah this weather is too hot, I think it will be hottest summer we've ever experienced. Struggling to train in it so a powerful cooling solution is required.

Getting on and off the bike 1,000s of times take patience. How has a whole 2 months gone by so fast?

Well I feel things are coming together - On the verge of becoming a superstar, more likely than not. Been there before for a short while and didn't make use of it. The preparation required for Cybathlon is full time, 142 days to go to mod the Berkelbike, Train, PR and most importantly get to Zurich safely and win Gold with my paralysed legs in May. Recovery to follow.. everything hush hush till the weekend.

Just to let you everyone know, I'm still training and working hard in the background. 6 months till Cybathlon, somehow I will have to outperform the competition.

@Edent Wim Hof demonstrates how to suppress immune response by cold therapy and breathing. His name is all you need to do your own research.

So, things have been pretty crazy so I've been quite quiet and cracking on. Shutting down my business.. been trying to do it for ages. It's a prime example of how sometimes, you've just got to move on.

So I published my latest FES cycling run but really it would be good to be able to distrib vids to bitchute or something. But internet is bad enough already. Can't we just replace the cables for decent ones and forget about 5G and firing EMFs into our brains? Because 4G was too expensive and 5G will be. I need over 1TB per month. Should be in control of our own ISPs?

Better finish my next script before I have to send back my superhero costume.

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