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Train hard today, get smashed tomorrow. Think that will level it out, be glad for 2018 to be over. Got a lot to do in 2019, but the hardship will pay off.. in this life or the next. New years res - Make the crazy ideas work! #2019

Me with a wet towel, the track like a hot plate. All the photos were going wrong, I couldn't keep my eyes open they were so dry. But I got there in the end and here I am now. Now it's the road to Cybathlon 2020! This will blow your mind.

Well that's enough experimenting for today. Amazing what a bit of duct tape can do. I'm all set for pre-Xmas release.

Got something that's been in the backburner for months coming real soon to Mastodon.

Almost 3 hours, wasn't happy with what I'd done previously. It just wasn't quite right so I found a way to test each muscle group individually. Hamstrings are just dodgy and really hard to get right. They don't cycle on their own.. I mean maybe they would but dev on bike is needed first.

Been adjusting FES settings today. Just about an hour of testing wild calculations. Got a bit difficult to see changes after getting my legs too tired. That was a sign to stop.. Pretty sure it's an improvement, but I'll know for sure when I take this outside. Crashed the sequence a few times because there's a 100RPM limiter. Made me laugh, failed so many times to make any progress at all!