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Getting on and off the bike 1,000s of times take patience. How has a whole 2 months gone by so fast?

Well I feel things are coming together - On the verge of becoming a superstar, more likely than not. Been there before for a short while and didn't make use of it. The preparation required for Cybathlon is full time, 142 days to go to mod the Berkelbike, Train, PR and most importantly get to Zurich safely and win Gold with my paralysed legs in May. Recovery to follow.. everything hush hush till the weekend.

Just to let you everyone know, I'm still training and working hard in the background. 6 months till Cybathlon, somehow I will have to outperform the competition.

So, things have been pretty crazy so I've been quite quiet and cracking on. Shutting down my business.. been trying to do it for ages. It's a prime example of how sometimes, you've just got to move on.

So I published my latest FES cycling run but really it would be good to be able to distrib vids to bitchute or something. But internet is bad enough already. Can't we just replace the cables for decent ones and forget about 5G and firing EMFs into our brains? Because 4G was too expensive and 5G will be. I need over 1TB per month. Should be in control of our own ISPs?

Better finish my next script before I have to send back my superhero costume.

Yo cool Mastodon people! Or should I say very hot Europeans? Part Two is out on the History of Electrical muscle stimulation!

Can watch too on Youtube. :)

Next stage of Berkelbike dev requires more money. So I'm going to really have to think out the box now to what I can do to achieve that. Win the lottery? 🤔

The first part of my Spinal Tech series is released. I'm pretty much all set to launch part 2 in a few days.

This is on the Cybathlon AKA The Bionic Olympics.

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HAHAHA I have so many things going through my head right now. 25km done on Sunday and I almost died when I stopped. Or at least that's what it felt like.. Then I was fine but I rested and now trying to catch up with everything I didn't do.

Alright quick update. Tour De Vale, 8 days to go with a last push of training. Calculated improvement already of 33% from 2 years ago. All desired bike parts are delayed for arrival so there will be a battle to apply as much changes as possible in the last 4 days coming up to the event. In the meantime, will attempt to upload the latest podcast before then to drive some interest in the Cybathlon. Because the internet is shit, I am now riding to a destination in a 5th attempt to upload it.

House is like a D.I.Y workshop. Moving forward with Berkelbike dev.. Never knew things like aluminum tape existed. Gorilla glue is actually terrible for smooth surfaces. 💡

Love the design work you are doing. If you ever want to lend a hand with anything at all with my Berkelbike adaptations, always happy to shout out on my youtube channel.

For example I made some nose controls out of some ps4 joysticks and sugru. It does the job but it slips around and is painful to use.

That's just the beginning.. if interested send me a DM. I haven't shared any of my current and future mods because they are secret until I make considerable progress.


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Just about managed to get both sides designed and printed in one evening (had to stay up late, though)! Better hope it fits tomorrow, because I don't have much time for a redesign!

#3Dprinting #design

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The seat ATM is driving me nuts, I fix one problem and another one pops up. Messes up the ride and knackers me out.

Didn't have much luck with Peertube, uploads just 'disappear' and screen refreshes so I'm a bit confused. Anyone else had any success using it? Or found any decent hosts?

Rode 8 mile yesterday testing the 1st gen model for the seat. Works very nicely and right now cutting a template to finish the 1st prototype. In other news I've got new footage showing off the pedals designed by Bio-engineering students from Imperial College London. A new Youtube channel too since I managed to resolve the Vimeo distribution bug. I don't like Youtube because I'm afraid they might censor my stuff.. but if noone sees it, is there much point sharing?

After many attempts I have finally managed to finish the first podcast on my Spinal Experience.

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